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Leading European contract manufacturing organisation (CMO) of hip and knee orthopaedic implants

Established over 30 years ago as a family business, Marle (“the Company”) has become a major company in the orthopaedic industry. The Company provides specialised manufacturing services for the production of a wide range of hip, knee, shoulder, spine and extremities implants as well as orthopaedic instruments of the highest quality.

Covering the full scope of the manufacturing value chain and benefitting from remarkable research and development capabilities, Marle acts as a strategic partner to medical technology companies worldwide and delivers over 1.5 million products annually. Marle serves orthopaedic implant OEMs across Europe, the US, Latin America, Russia, Japan, Korea and China.

In December 2019, IK Partners reinvested in Marle alongside Dentressangle.

What Attracted us to the Business

  • Growing and non-cyclical underlying implant market
  • Captive business model
  • Predictable revenues
  • Strong position as key pure medical technology player

Our Value Creation Strategy

We are working alongside management to:

  • Further expansion of the product offering by penetrating the down-stream and knee segments;
  • Leverage existing client base and further develop a one-stop-shop technology offering;
  • Pursue international expansion by focusing on the US organically or via acquisitions; and
  • Target transitioning from a European leader to a Global CMO leadership.

Investment Team

Magdalena Svensson